Volatile times call for
unconventional thinking.

Agriculture is full of variables – many you cannot control. And with market volatility projected through multiple growing seasons, the decisions you make today are critical. You can either be positioned for success or left unable to capitalize on future opportunities. Are you prepared?

The four keys to being primed and equipped for taking the next step are:
Understanding-Your-Financials_250x185.jpg Establishing-Adequate-Working-Capital.jpg A-Solid-Vision-of-Long-Term-Operational-Goals_250x185.jpg Knowledge-of-Fair-Land-Values-in-Your-Area_250x185.jpg

Understanding Your Financials

Do you understand your numbers and what it takes to provide your lender the information they need to extend you, not only confidence, but a loan? Our FREE Balance Sheet Worksheet Link to form, or if you’re a complete novice, check out this video by AgStar Credit Analyst, Ahnna Compart to get a grasp basic farm management tools.

Are You Prepared to Talk
with Your Ag Lender?

In order to protect applicants and their institutions, it’s more important than ever for ag lenders to evaluate an applicant’s character and financial strength during down cycles. In this article, AgStar’s Joel Larson shares best practices for preparing for a meeting with your lender. Take our Pre-Meeting Quiz to make sure all your ducks are in a row before you approach your lender. Coming in prepared eliminates a lot of the headaches and back and forth that can occur during the loan process.

A Solid Vision of Long-Term
Operational Goals

Another system of checks and balances as you plan for growth opportunities is to identify and work through any short-term and long-term capital expenditures you might need to maintain production and efficiency down the road. AgStar Dairy Business Consultant, Matt Lange offers great advice and guidance involving a straightforward method and easy to use Capital Expenditures Worksheet to help producers understand what how much they’ll need to invest in capital over the next few years.

Knowledge of Fair Land
Values in Your Area

If you feel like you’ve laid a solid foundation and you’re ready to begin researching what land values are in your area, our Land Sales Summary Tool saves time and hassles by providing general information on selected land sales in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Looking for more guidance and tips on laying a solid foundation for future growth?
Check out these videos and articles by our team of consultants, financial services credit and aligned partners, like ag economist, Dr. David Kohl.

AgStar can help protect you now and advance you later.
If you’re thinking of buying new equipment or expanding your land base, contact AgStar to take advantage of low rates on our long-term fixed rate products. You can free up cash and get more purchasing power for new equipment or real estate when the opportunity is right. Let’s grow together. Call 866-577-1831 or visit AgStar.com.
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